10 Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups offer multiple benefits that you could use in your advantage. Learn how they can improve your business performance.

We’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of mastermind groups, but there’s one specific book that we adore, and it’s called Mastermind Groups: Fastest and Safest Way to Grow your Business, by Moe Nawaz. 

In his book, Nawas list 10 benefits of joining a mastermind group with their description, and then he gives examples of how they apply to different prospects of people that join a hypothetical mastermind group. We also used this technique in our previous post What is a Mastermind Group, which you can check out to know more about the concept of a mastermind.

As for the benefits, we’ll describe them here simply and briefly. Take note!

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10 Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group

  • Accountability. Being your own boss means that you don’t report to anyone, which can lead to procrastination very quickly. But what if you had someone to report to and still be able to make the calls yourself? Would you do your best to prove that you actually can do everything in time or would you continue to make excuses? Surrounding yourself with people that actually take action will push you to take action too (you don’t want to be the one that never gets anything done, right?)
  • Personal Growth. Ever suffered the Impostor Syndrome? Getting to help others from your own experience will give you perspective over your achievements and confidence in yourself. Being aware of where you’re standing (no more, no less) will increase your performance for you to thrive not only at work but in your personal life as well. 
  • Mutual Support. A mastermind group’s general goal is to make sure that every member succeeds in their own way. By sharing with others in a non-competitive environment, you’ll always have genuine support and kind opinions with the only aim of helping you grow.
  • Encouragement. How would it feel to be surrounded by your personal crew of cheerleaders? Motivation is what a Mastermind group breath, that contagious energy that keeps you always looking the bright side. And if you get frustrated, sharing how you feel to your circle of trust could make a big change in the way you see yourself. 
  • Energy. There may be times when you feel tired (we’re humans after all!), so when that happens, having a group of motivated people having your back can fill you up with the energy you need. Also, it can help you reconnect with your own and clear it up when it needs repair. 
  • Synergy. Like the butterfly effect, the simple movement of thought can unleash ground-breaking ideas. You’ll quickly see how one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re freeing the most creative and sustainable energy you didn’t even know you had within you. 
  • Specialized Knowledge. Confucius said that if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. You’ll know you’re in the right mastermind group when you have something to learn as well as to teach, so open your mind to take in all the new skills your team member can give you (and don’t forget to share your knowledge as well!).

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  • Resources. Remember that time when the friend of your friend helped you with that thing you couldn’t get done with? Now imagine having access to people outside your own circle and their acquaintances. The more you widen your network, the more chances you have to find the exact person that can help you with a better outcome.
  • Differing perspectives. Have you ever heard the phrase “nothing changes if nothing changes”? That’s exactly what we’re referring to. In his book Mastermind Dinners, Jayson Gaingard quotes the philosophy of BJ Fogg that if you drastically change your environment you drastically change your behavior. So apply this to all your inputs, and you’ll automatically force your natural thinking to be more creative.
  • Experience. Have you ever heard the phrase “more knows the devil for being old than for being the devil”? Imagine having a load of knowledge accessible for you, to quadruple your years of experience and combining them with other contexts and situations. This is a massive source of knowledge that will eventually push you to be wiser.

No wonder why Napoleon Hill said that

“not two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”, a mastermind

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

So as you can see, the benefits of joining a mastermind group are enormous and can generate a great impact not only on your business development but also on your social and personal life.

What other benefits have you experienced while participating in mastermind groups? What do you think you’ll get if you join one? Leave me your comments below, I can’t wait to know more about you 🙂

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