Remote Business Mastermind Groups

The people you meet once a week to discuss your business and make it grow.

Are you a business owner?

Do you want a second opinion on your startup?

We hold groups of selected entrepreneurs that gather online once a week to bounce ideas, stay accountable and get support to grow their businesses.

Engaging Community

Community. Engage with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual support.


Accountability. Set your goals, design an action plan and get things done.

Achieve Goals

Growth. Elevate your business with insights and advice from other entrepreneurs.

How to Qualify?

How it works?

1. Fill in the Enrollment Application with your personal data and preferences.

2. If you qualify, we’ll match you with other selected applicants into a specific group for the next enrollment.

3. We’ll send you the invitation to join your Mastermind Group. And start boosting your business!

Our groups

See the status of our groups and the next starting dates.

❯ Non-profits open enrollment

❯ Group A March 2020

❯ Group B June 2020

❯ Group C September 2020


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Do you have the right people to discuss your business with?

About Us

We are two digital nomads that love to help startups grow. This project came out as a natural need to create, maintain and nurture a professional dialogue with people like us. TheHive is our way to connect great entrepreneurs and help them think together to reach higher quality solutions.

Mila Di Bella

Mila Di Bella


Personal Site | LinkedIn
I help startups grow in a distributed world, from Operations & Content Writing to PR & Communities.

Mariano Martene

Mariano Martene


Personal Site | LinkedIn
I’m a Full Stack Marketer helping Startups around the world to grow their business and reach their next milestone.

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